Adult Braces

Adult Braces

Dr. Rekha, Dr. Ine and Dr. Vinay have all completed extra years of study and training to provide quality braces (Orthodontics) at both our clinics for your convenience. This means that in most cases we can straighten your teeth and you will not need to be referred to a specialist (i.e. Orthodontist).

  • What are the ways to straighten your teeth?
    • Traditional metal braces
    • Clear or ceramic braces
    • Invisalign.
  • How long will the braces be on for?

    The braces usually range from 18-24 months depending on the case.

  • How much do braces cost?

    Braces start from $5,500 and prices will vary depending on what you want.

  • So, what is the A to Z?
    A consult with us first involves an in-depth discussion of what you want from braces as well as your options. We take full Orthodontic records including high-quality, digital photos, digital x-rays and moulds of your upper and lower teeth.

    The next visit is scheduled to begin braces where individual brackets will be bonded onto teeth and hold the wire. From here, you will be required to visit the clinic every 4-6 weeks for adjustments.

    At the end of it all, you will be provided with:

    • One set of retainers to maintain your straight teeth
    • FREE take-home whitening so your teeth can now be straighter and whiter

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