Dr. Rekha

  • Dr. Rekha Principal Dentist
    Dr. Rekha

    Dr. Rekha is our principal dentist and the proud owner of Midway Dental Clinic. She has been working for over 25 years. After graduating in 1992, Dr. Rekha worked in Manly Hospital for almost
    two years before changing to private practice. She is a highly sought-after dentist and has established herself as one of the leading dental practitioners in Ryde and the inner-west. She is well rehearsed in many areas of complex dentistry such as implants, soft tissue grafting and orthodontics.She prides herself on maintaining personal relationships with all her patients and is most understanding of all circumstances. She is a proud mother of two, and enjoys cooking and dancing in her downtime.

    Education & Qualifications

    • Received a Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree from Bapuji Dental College in India
    • Worked in Manly Hospital
    • Completed a 2-year orthodontic residency with Progressive Orthodontic Seminars
    • Currently works as an instructor and mentor for Progressive Orthodontic Seminars