Root Canal

A root canal is for teeth that cannot survive with just a tooth filling.

Sometimes, decay or a crack can allow bacteria to travel down the tooth and cause an infection.A root canal involves highly specialised equipment to clear the bacteria and remove the infection.

Depending on which tooth is treated, we may recommend a crown on top since it is likely the tooth is weak. When a crown is installed, you can keep eating, drinking and talking as you wish, without any discomfort.


  • Does a root canal hurt?

    Our dentists share a deep interest in painless root canal treatment. There is a common misconception that root canals are painful – not with us! This is because we make sure you are comfortable with these simple steps:

    • The tooth and the area around it is completely numb
    • A little bite block keeps your mouth open so your jaw and muscles can rest and relax
    • A TV is turned on for you to watch and entertain yourself!

  • How long is a root canal treatment?

    Root canals range from 1-3 appointments depending on the tooth and its condition.

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