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Midway Dental Clinic is a fully accredited dental practice

  • What is an accredited dental practice?

    An accredited dental practice is one where the dental staff have successfully completed a strict set of health care standards that are in line with National Safety and Quality Heath Service Standards. It commits them to constantly improve the safety and quality of care to patients.

  • Why does it matter?

    It matters a whole deal as private dental practices are not required to be accredited or receive accreditation. If a dental practice is accredited, they have, out of their own motivation and expense, committed themselves to maintain and improve the safety and quality of patients.

    The Australian Dental Association (ADA) encourages patients to visit clinics that have received an accreditation.

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Suite F3/117 North Road, Ryde NSW 2112
Mondays-Saturdays 7am to 7pm


26 Henry Street, Ashfield NSW 2131
Wednesdays & Saturdays 7am to 7pm
Sunday Emergency Only
CoVID-19 Update

As of May 11, 2020 we resume all our services including check ups, cleans, fillings, crowns, dentures, orthodontics, Invisalign, wisdom tooth removals and more!

We look forward to seeing everyone, new and old, so make an appointment through our website or call us on 02 9878 4363.

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